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The High Life

As a young child I remember when high life music used to rule the radios.

High life music is originally from Ghana, but later spread to other West African Countries including Nigeria. It is characterised mostly by jazzy horns, guitars and drums.

So to reminisce about the old days, I’m going to put up some highlife songs that Nigerians are familiar with. Feel free to suggest more or any I might have missed out.

1. Stephen Osita Osadebe – Osondi Owendi

2. Chief Oliver de Coque – Identity

3. Sir Victor Olaiya – Omo Pupa

4. Jim Rex Lawson – Love Me Adure

5. Victor Uwaifo – Joromi

6. Orlando Owoh – kangaroo

7. Oriental Brothers – Ama Onye Wu Onye

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