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The Suspended Lake

There is a charming little lake that is so powerful it is believed that whatever prayer is made with its waters will yield supernatural results. It is large, clear, neat and holds spiritual significance. It is also important as people with fertility issues go there to pray. Rituals are carried out, and whatever food isn’t finished is thrown into the lake. Makes one wonder how the lake is kept so neat.

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Swimming in this lake is forbidden because whoever tries it will drown and move to another world which exists under the lake. Infact, it is a taboo. A white man once visited this lake and decided he had to see the source of the water. He tied a chain around him, and dived into the lake while his friends held onto the other end of the chain. Till today, he is yet to be found.

Imagine being judged by a lake for your wrong doing like the school principal who drank from the lake and was automatically ill. His offence to the gods of the lake? He slept with another man’s wife the night before and could not be healed till the priest came to his aid.

Reminiscent of King Solomon tactic to discover who the real mother of a child was when there was a fight between two women, with this lake it was to determine who the father of a certain child was.

The elders took the baby and the ‘fathers’ to the lake and an oath was taken. The baby would be tossed into the lake, and whoever the baby floated to would be picked as his father. Alas this baby never came out, but a couple of days later he was found alive floating in a water well close to one of the men’s home.

If all this doesn’t pique your interest, then the fact that there’s a lake that can be found on top of a mountain, with no obvious source should do the trick.

This should be the reason why you decide to go get in your car during this break and head to Iyake Lake on the Oke Ado Mountain in Oyo State. See the suspended lake with all the charm and stories it has to offer. And if you go to offer prayers, I hope they are answered.

Eid Mubarak to my Muslim readers.


Source – Titi’s Wanderlust

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