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The Wearable Art Gallery & A Cafe

Remember when I said Nike Art Gallery is amazing? Here’s a quick to post to show you another reason why. They have a cafe which I showed here and a clothing store also called the wearable art gallery. It is owned by Queen Ahneva Ahneva (so good she had to say it twice), while the cafe is jointly owned by her and Mummy Nike.

The wearable art gallery is right at the back. You can either walk through the art gallery pr go through the sides (they are in the same compound).

Entrance to the srore

Entrance to the store


The clothes sold here and hand made and include fabrics that are beaded, hand painted or have embroidered art on them. It is because of this, that the clothes are referred to as ‘wearable art’. Like Mr Tunji said in his interview, if the knowledge of knowing you’re the only one who owns a particular item pleases you, this store is for you.

That is a really nice cupboard

That is a really nice cupboard


When you step into the store, you notice that is definitely influenced by art from the clothes, right down to their furniture. This is to be expected as QAA sees it as a way of promoting art and also indigenous textiles. Despite its size, it still manages to showcase what’s on sale effectively and if you need any help picking out what suits you, the store manager Ndidi is always there to help.

Of course one thing to consider is that art isn’t cheap and so the prices are slightly higher than average. I have however been told that they are working on a more affordable line to be launched in the nearest future.

If you go to Nike art gallery, and you don’t want the regular knick knacks sold there you can head over to the store and pick out something to wear and show off to your friends.

Now, shopping and art observing is a sure fire way to work up on an appetite and this where the cafe comes in.

Queen Ahneva Ahneva in green

Queen Ahneva Ahneva in green


The gallery cafe is just a small place to grab a quick bite to eat and just take some time out from everything. You can read a book, have conversations with friends or even mummy Nike herself or just watch TV. They also try to make sure the meals offered are quite healthy.

When I went, I got the chicken sandwich and my friend got some chips and chicken. We couldn’t complain and I especially liked the chicken after stealing some off my friends plate.


As expected it is arty, but not over the top. I feel it is simple and pleasant. You also don’t have to go to the art gallery or store to eat there. You can go there solely to eat and leave.

An art gallery, a store and a cafe all rolled into one, what could be better than that?

Useful information

1. Cash and cards are accepted at both the store and the cafe

2. Since it is in the same compound as the gallery, parking is quite limited. Depending on when you go there you may be able to park in front of the building, if not, you’ll have to look for parking along the street.

3. They open 7 days a week around 10 am and close their doors at 6 pm.

Contact details can be found below and please enjoy the pictures.

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Nike Art Gallery Limited

(White house with red roof)

No 2. Elegushi Road, 3rd Roundabout (take a right at the roundabout from the tollgate direction)

By Legacy Place,

Lekki Phase 1,

Lekki Epe Expressway



Tel – 08128104341 & 08034423234

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