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Top Gun | Paintballing

We always have awesome people on our tours and during our camping trip, one of our campers offered to treat us to a paint balling session at a spot that he manages.

I had never been paint balling till then so I was pretty excited. I mean it was a chance to run around and pretend I was a soldier on the battle field. The only worrying thing for me was that I had heard that the shots can be painful but I was willing to take the chance.


After a bit of planning and deciding on the day and time, we were good to go.

Paint balling involves eliminating people on the opposite team with paintballs or pellets from a carbon dioxide/compressed air paintball maker or as I called it a ‘fake gun’.

Para military, military forces and security also use paint balling for training sometimes.

The aim of the game is for you to get the flag of the other team without getting shot.


When you and your brother are on opposing teams.


Located at Ziggies in Magodo, Nigeria Ultimate Paintball has set up ‘makeshift bunkers’ and ‘covers’ to facilitate the game. It was definitely not what I was expecting as I had visions of forests and bunkers like how I saw them on tv. I’m hopeful sure with time, they will make it much better than it currently is but for starters, this works.

We found the location, got into our outfits and were told the rules of the game. We also got our ‘guns’ filled with colored pellets and we were off.


Hi Leziga. Strategist of life




We played three rounds of 30 mins each. I joined in on the second round and it was so much fun.

Can I just say that I was the MVP because I didn’t get shot ONCE. It was also amazing to see how much strategising the army must go through to defend their individual countries/regions. Made me respect them so much more.

It also helped that my team won twice. 🙂


Prisoner captured




I would recommend it for team bonding exercises or just an alternative way to spend the day with friends. Ensure you get there in good time. Because we got there towards evening, we didn’t have the light on our side and that limited how long we could play for.

Wear comfortable clothes/shoes because you’re going to be ducking, hiding and running.  You will be giving gear on site. This includes a face mask, jumpsuit and a ‘bullet proof vest’. DO NOT PLAY if you’re not given these items as it can be dangerous.


Part of the team.

Have you ever been paint balling in Nigeria? Where was it and what did you think?Connect with us on Facebook, stalk us on Instagram & banter with us on Twitter.

*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

*session was sponsored by Nigeria Ultimate Paintball

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