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Tourist Attraction Highlight : Crushed Rocks, Mpape

Recently on social media, we had been seeing images of a beautiful body of water surrounded by rocks in Abuja. It seemed to have just appeared out of nowhere as we had never seen it or heard about it before.

So imagine our excitement when Wura sent us a picture of herself visiting and said she would talk about it with us.

Read all about the Mpape crushed rocks below and hopefully it helps you plan your visit.

First of all, what gingered you to leave your house in the middle of corona for this trip

HAHA! So I’ve basically been indoors since March, and 95% of my friends live in Lagos. I was starting to go a bit crazy so I just needed a change of scene really. I still had my mask and sanitizer with me on this trip though! #CoronaIsStillOutside

When and how did you hear about the crushed rocks

So I saw the pictures floating around on twitter a few weeks ago. Then two weeks ago, a friend of mine posted about it on his Instagram so I hit him up for details on how to get there.

Tell us about the crushed rocks.

So I heard that it used to be a quarry. It’s man made “tourist attraction” but beautiful nonetheless!

Did you go solo or as a group?

I went with my friend, but I think it would be fun to go as a group as well. There’s safety in numbers

Was it difficult to find?

LOL so my friend and I drove around in circles for about an hour only to find out we were in the wrong part of town completely. Had to call my friend for detailed instructions on how to get there. Getting to Mpape (where its located) is not that difficult. But getting to the exact location the rocks are? An okada rider had to come to our rescue (so cash is handy to tip them, we had to stop by an ATM to get some)

How did you get there and how long did it take?

Once we figured out where we were actually heading to, it took us about 30- 35 mins to get there (might vary depending on what part of Abuja you’re heading from).

Basically just put Mpape Police Station on Google Maps and hire an Okada Rider to take you to “crushed rocks” once you get there and you’re good to go!

Is there an entry fee and if yes, how much is it?

Free (for now.)