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Travel Made Simple | Exploring Abuja With Travelstart NG

Travelstart is one of Africa’s biggest online booking portals for flights, hotels, car rentals and even holiday packages depending on your region. They also guarantee the most affordable rates such as cheap flights to Abuja.

I was pretty excited when my travel sisters (Naija Nomads, Travel With A Pen, Fola’s Waka) and I were taken on a trip to Abuja courtesy of  Travelstart NG. We were joined by a travelstart representative – Innocent. Amadi of Sage Travels also joined us when we landed in Abuja.


The Dream Team; L-R Yejide of Naija Nomads, Lola of Unravelling Nigeria, Amadi of Sage Travels, Innocent from Travelstart Ng, Fola of Fola’s Waka & Amarachi of Travel With A pen


The first part of any trip involves booking tickets and ours was done through their website.

Call me strange and slightly unpatriotic but I usually don’t like booking my ticket through a third party in Nigeria. I usually conjure up horrible scenarios so it’s either through an agent or the airline directly.

I was a bit jittery when I started but was pleasantly surprised on how seamless the process was and I loved how easy it was to use their portal.

I’ll be giving out 2 travelstart vouchers based on this video soon, so make sure you pay attention. 


After booking our flight, our booking reference was emailed to us and we were set to go.

I was a bit worried about issues coming up when checking in but luckily everything was smooth sailing and we were in Abuja in no time.


Travelstart had organised transportation for us and our itinerary for the day which was drawn up by them included:

  1. Magicland Amusement Park (formerly known as Wonderland)  – This amusement park is on the way from the airport (on the opposite side of traffic). You cannot miss it. We got to relive the good old days of being kids before life became complex.


Pretty colours


Children for the day

  1. Abuja National Mosque – Situated on Independence Avenue, this is the national mosque of Nigeria. I have never seen what the inside looks like despite various pictures of the exterior being available online so I was glad we were able to go in.


Move over Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Abuja Mosque is here


Trying to get the perfect shot

  1. The National Church of Nigeria – It is sometimes known as the National Ecumenical Centre and is famous for being an inter denominational church with a neo gothic architectural style.


Enter His presence as you are