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My friend Uzo has a weekly podcast series called ‘Crudcast’ and he invited me to be on an episode. I may or may not have brought 1 or 2 people along.

The people on the podcast were –

  1. Uzo Olisemeka (the host) – front and back end developer. He also does freelance work. He is responsible for the danfo post and featured in my ‘21 questions‘ interview.

  2. Ire Aderinokun – works for Big Cabal and is their tech lead. She focuses on front end design.

  3. Erikan Obotetukudo – Lagos lead for Tastemakers Africa

  4. Chiamaka Obuekwe – runs the Social Prefect blog.

We discussed how technology affects our individual businesses. Listen & enjoy.

I’m thinking of starting a podcast series on Nigeria travel because I quite enjoyed being on this one, what do you guys think?

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