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Vacation Soon? | 5 Things You Should Never Forget When Travelling

Before you head to the airport, make sure you’re not forgetting anything.

Who remembers the first time they travelled out of the country on vacation? For me, it was one never to forget because I left my international passport at home and I had gotten halfway to the airport before I realized, so I had to rush back home and guess what? There was a little traffic on my way back home and to cut a long story short, I almost missed my flight but lucky for me I didn’t miss it.


Another situation that made my vacation unforgettable was me accidentally leaving my Laptop charger at home. I had a vital mail to send out to my boss who wasn’t having any of my excuses that day, and unfortunately for me, my laptop had died. When I put on the computer, guess what I saw when I checked my mail? A query from my boss, how sad right?

So, I thought to share a few tips on the various things to check for when travelling.

I hope this helps!

International passport: This is very important when you are going on vacation.  Forgetting your International Passport is like a farmer going to the farm without his tools.  A lot of times, when you are rushing to catch a flight, you might leave your international passport.


Phone Charger: It is safe to charge your phone, laptop etc. before making a trip. Just remember to pack the chargers to all your devices and not only grab the device. Make sure you check if you need a universal adaptor or extension. Installing maps could be very helpful, so you don’t find yourself in the South of London when you’re going to the North, that could be annoying.

Camera: Having pictures for memory is excellent, especially when travelling. Don’t miss out on all the pictures and also the Instagram slaying, you know what I mean *wink emoji*. So, make sure to take a phone with a high pixel camera or a good digital camera along with you.

Book: This is for the people that don’t like movies on the plane and want to keep themselves occupied during the flight time or that long transit waiting time at the airport for the next flight, a good book helps you while away time and stimulates your mind.


FCMB Debit or Credit card: One of the essential parts of travelling is making necessary payments – either at the airport, hotel, restaurant or just for shopping in general. You don’t want to get stuck ‘telling stories that touch’. With your FCMB Naira card, you can spend up to $5,000 (or its equivalent in other international currencies) at once or over a month to spend making your hotel, shopping and other travel expenses. If you want to spend abroad with no 5k USD limits, then get an FCMB Foreign Currency card.

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