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We Went, Saw & Conquered


As you all know, we took a road trip to Ikogosi and Arinta Falls and it was amazing. As usual, the bus was filled with lots of conversations, games, snacks etc. After enduring traffic on Lagos – Ibadan Expressway, 7 hours later we got to Ikogosi Resort and it was beautiful site to behold. It was nature at its finest and everyone was excited to get there.

Ikogosi Resort was built around the warm and cold spring to offer guests a unique experience with regards to accommodation. One can hear all of nature as you walk along the pathways and even at night while sleeping. I enjoyed my stay there and will definitely be heading back there. A big well done to the Ekiti State Government on this.

After settling into our rooms, it was time to go and see the hot and cold spring. Ikogosi warm spring is unique because it has both hot and cold spring flowing abreast each other but they do not mix. Our tour guide encouraged us to walk in the spring and it literally goes from hot to cold in a heartbeat while walking.

Our tour guide told us that the warm and cold spring represent two wives, the warm spring was a hot tempered woman while the cold spring was calm. They turned into springs due to a rift and their husband is said to be the tree overlooking them.


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After touring the hot and cold spring, taking pictures and selfies, we headed into town to get some pounded yam and egusi, Ekiti style (that’s their specialty). Headed back to the resort, took our food to the pool and had dinner.

After dinner, everyone changed and it was time for a pool party. The natural water from the spring is what flows into the swimming pool thereby making it a warm pool.It was a great way to end a long day.


At 10pm, we all said goodnight and headed to bed. Early the next morning, some of the fit fam team went for a jog while others went for a stroll around the facilities. We noticed that people came from far and near to get water from the spring to sell or for personal use as they believe it has healing powers.

By 8 am, everyone was in the bus and we were ready to head to Arinta Waterfalls. We made a quick stop to order or pounded yam down and carried on. Arinta waterfalls like its sister in Osun State has 7 levels and is about 20 mins from the resort.

When we got there, surprise surpise, the gate was locked and the tour guide hadn’t gotten there. After placing a call to him, he informed us that we could go round the back, but being the adventurous people that we are, most of us preferred to jump over the fence. This was probably the highlight of the trip for me. Took me back to my secondary school days.

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We got through the fence and began our hike up the waterfall. This is my 3rd time seeing a waterfall and my breath is always taken away when I see one. It’s interesting to note that the only time I’ve seen waterfalls are in Nigeria.

Arinta Waterfall like Erin Ijesha has 7 levels. On the first level we all played in the waterfall and Sandra practiced some yoga . Most of us got to the 3rd level but the really brave ones made it to the 4th level after which we decided to call it a day.


The tour guide finally got there on our climb down and told us the highest level he’s also been to is the 4th so I guess we didn’t do so badly.

We all headed back to the resort; and everyone was free to do what they wanted, from swimming to having an extra lie in. 12pm we checked out, headed to the local mama put for lunch and then began our trip back to Lagos.

It was a fantastic trip and I can’t put it into words. Thank you to everyone who came, you can read their comments below and do enjoy the pictures.

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What did you think of the organization?

A – It had a personal touch. ‘Lola was friendly, helpful and calm throughout. I liked the flexibility as well.

B – Good job. Try to make people keep to time, but 95/100 from me.

C – Young & dynamic

D – It was well organised


What did you think of the location?

A – Quiet, serene and unique. Thumbs up from me.

B – Loved it. More finds like this and I’ll definitely be unravelling often.

C – Awesome

D – It was a good location but I had a problem with the bathroom. Overall it was memorable.


What was your experience of the trip like?

A – I felt taken care of. I had a nice time and I enjoyed the activities.

B – Enjoyed it. Fun people, needs met, nice organisation.

C – I had a great time, met fun like minded people.

D – It was very nice, nice people, very friendly, everyone had an open mind.


What did you like?

A – The location, the bonding, feeling well looked after

B – The timing of events, the food and drinks, organisation, very well done.

C – The whole shebang.

D – Everything. The hike, the warm spring


What were your dislikes?

A – We didn’t get the chance for a yoga session with Sandra.

B – Nothing really

C – The delay in departing. We left later than expected (Unravelling Nigeria is sorry about this).

D – Bathroom


What would you like us to improve on?

A – Punctuality, getting information from participants ahead of time e.g gender and dietary restrictions/allergies

B – The trip was perfect, just leave earlier next time

C – Keep doing what you are doing and the sky is the limit.

D – Service was good overall


Would you join us on our next trip?

A – Yes, if my schedule is clear

B – YASSS!!!


D – Yes please


Would you recommend us?

A – Yes definitley


C- Already have

D – Yes


Any other comments

B – Awesome! Lol! Thanks guys

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Things to note:
  1. Ekiti state is about 5 – 6 hours from Lagos

  2. The rooms in Ikogosi Resort start from N12,000 ($60)

  3. It costs N500 ($2.51) to see the warm and cold spring if you’re not sleeping over.

  4. It costs N200 ($1) to visit Arinta Waterfall and this is negotiable.

  5. As long as you’re sleeping over in the resort, you have access to all their facilities which include a gym, pool, tennis court and an amphitheater.

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