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Westown Hotel

I’ve always loved hotels since I was a kid. Infact, one of my dreams is to own one. I already know what it’s going to look like, its name and pretty much already run it in my head.

Good thing about hotels is they not only serve the purpose of accommodation, but food, meetings, clubs for some and it could just be a place to hang out.

Westown hotel is or used to be a favorite secret hang out spot for a friend of mine, and I almost feel bad for exposing it.

It is a business hotel with about 82 rooms, that has been opened for 4 years.


When you go in, you immediately realize that it is a quiet hotel, and they would like to keep it that way. Besides who doesn’t love a bit of peace and quiet especially in a city like Lagos.

They also have 5 meeting rooms/halls and a banguet room (which seat from about 110-500 depending on the arrangement), 2 restaurants (continental & chinese), a swimming pool which is on the 10th floor and 2 bars.

The decor of the the hotel is very subtle but classy at the same time with neutral colors all over the place. They have a piano in their bar, but I was told only stay in guests are allowed to play it.



I was lucky enough to get the Manager Mr Nse to show me round before I had lunch.

He showed me two rooms, the governor suite and the executive suite which can be found on the 8th floor. They were absolutely lovely, and the rates aren’t bad either. They cost N79,000 per night, (252 GBP, $390, & 347 Euro) on weekdays and N50,000 per night ($246,159 GBP, 220 Euro) on the weekends. Yes, you read it right, the prices come down on the weekends as a sort of promotion.

The Executive suite



The executive suite