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How To Spend 3 Days & 2 Nights In Kwara State

Kwara State is usually not the first place that pops in a person’s mind in terms of tourism however, it’s laced with so many tourist attractions.

Last year, we succeeded in unravelling the state and if you’re planning a visit, here are a few places you could head to and some useful tips.

Getting There

We went by road, which took about 6 hours but we’ve been told flights are also available. Cars will take a much shorter time as buses move slower.


To do as much as possible we strongly recommend 3 days and even with that, you’ll be barely scratching the surface. The reasons being the journey to Kwara (if you’re going by road), can be hard on the body so you need time to rest and refuel for your adventures. Also the state is huge therefore, getting from one place to another takes a while so to avoid rushing from place to place 3 days helps to space things out.


Owu Falls – Explore one of Nigeria’s hidden waterfalls and enjoy the hike and views while at it.

Tip – While there is no entry fee, be sure to carry some money that you can donate to the community before leaving. Also ensure that when you’re seeing the king, you’re decently dressed.

Dada Pottery – Learn how to make ceramic pots from Nigeria’s oldest pottery workshop. Don’t forget to make a purchase or 3 while you’re there to encourage the women.

Tip – If you want to watch the pot making process, contact someone at the pottery before your intended day of visit. Also to watch the pots baking, it might be best to go in the afternoon (don’t choose your departure date as the time to stop by like we did).

Esie Museum – Listen to the creepy unbelievable history surrounding the largest soapstone collection in the world at this museum and also learn and see a bit of Nigeria’s culture while at it.

Tip – Driving there is advisable as it’s in a secluded neighborhood far from the main road and while getting a bike there is easy, getting a bike out isn’t. Another alternative would be to pay the bike man to wait for you and take you back.

University of Ilorin Zoo – Get on the canopy walk, walk amongst the animals and enjoy nature.

Tip – If you’re taking a camera in, hold money as there’s an extra charge for it.

Pic Cred ( 1 & 2) – Travel With A Pen


If you’re not indulging in your hotel’s room service, check out Iya Yusuf for some authentic local meals.

Pic Cred ( 1 & 2) – Travel With A Pen


Princess Luxury Suites in Ilorin was where we stayed and it was pretty decent. Maybe check out Klubb Spartakuz while you’re at it.

Honorable Mentions

Other places we would have liked to visit but couldn’t because of time were Imoleboja Rock Formation, Adin Black Soap factory and the aso- oke weavers. If you have a few more days, you can check them out.

Have you ever been to Kwara State? What did you do and did you enjoy your visit?


*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners

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