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Wild Life Park | Federal University Of Technology, Akure


Road trips can be very stressful; so on the journey to Lokoja, we decided that a few hours into the trip, we would stretch our legs and use the opportunity to see a tourist attraction.

We passed through Ondo state and decided to stop at FUTA to see their wildlife park.

This park was set up to allow the students carry out research that apply to animal behavior, feeding, habitation, fauna/floral composition and ecology.


We weren’t sure what to expect since it was touted as a wildlife park. Would animals be wandering around on their own? Would we see them in their element? It was something we were looking forward to as we had also been informed that the park consisted of Primates, Crocodiles, Ostriches, Antelopes, Water fowls, Tortoise etc (we only saw 1 each of most of them. The monkeys as usual were alot).



What struck us when we got there was that we were left to wander on our own. There were bushes and plants everywhere and we were slightly worried that we might get lost or attacked by something but then realized if that was possible the man at the entrance wouldn’t have left us.

We walked round and saw the animals listed above except for the water fowls and tortoise. It took a while to see the antelope as it was playing hide and seek with us.


Spot the Antelope


One section of the park that we did find quite impressive was the wildlife museum. This had skeletal remains as well as stuffed animals. The museum itself needs to be knocked down and renovated.


The leaning primate looks like he died happy


Can you guess what animal this skull belongs to?


Turtle remains


They had quite a collection and the care keeper seemed more interested in taking us round this museum than the park.


Mr Bones


While the park wasn’t fantastic, it wasn’t very bad either. However, we all agreed that it was a nice way to break our long journey to Lokoja.

Cost – N200

So have you ever been to the wildlife park at The Federal University of Technology, Akure? Share your thoughts in the comments section

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*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

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