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Party Hotel | Princess Luxury Suites, Ilorin

Princess Luxury Hotel, Ilorin


We spent 2 nights at Princess luxury suites and after a minor mix up on our booking preferences, our 2 night stay began.

The hotel was recommended by a friend who had stayed there before and we weren’t disappointed.


The Lobby Area


One thing we did notice was that it seemed to be full every time we came in from our tours and there was always something going on at the pool side. During our stay, there was a pool side party every night and it was always packed. You could tell it was a happening spot. (or maybe this was because the timing of our visit was the during the independence day weekend)

We stayed in the regular rooms and they came with the basic hotel amenities. Some of our rooms didn’t have fridges as the claim was that they were bad.

The beds were comfortable and the bathrooms were clean although the tub could do with a bit of a touch up.