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The Woman Behind the Gallery – Mummy Nike

I got to sit down with Mummy Nike, the owner and curator of the Nike Art Gallery and learnt a few things about her journey. See below for the video and enjoy. I also included pictures of some awards she’s received and some knick knacks for sale which weren’t included in previous posts.

Some highlights from the video are:

1. We cannot wait for the government to do everything for us.

2. Support your business with prayers.

3. The gallery was opened to show the voice of the people.

4. The youth are the future of Nigeria

5. Find what you are good at, do it well, focus and package it well.

6. Start small and grow your business.

7. Don’t buy what you don’t need in business

8. For tourism to grow in Nigeria, better security and tourist visas are needed.

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This wraps up the Nike Art Gallery series, and I hope you all enjoyed it.

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