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@topye_t unravels Whispering Palms, Badagry

Tope went to Whispering Palms in Badagry and was kind enough to write a summary of her experience for us. She’s a fellow unraveler and was on our trip to Idanre Hills. She’s a lawyer and a budding pencil collection maker for kids. Please read and enjoy. Instagram – @topye_t


Why Whispering Palms?

Growing up, I’d heard so much about Whispering Palms Resort but never got a chance to visit until Sunday, 29th May 2016 and I loved every bit of it. I figured the 3 day weekend would be a good time to have an overnight trip. Unfortunately, the guys voted against it as they’d rather spend the night with a “bae”. So we decided to make it a day trip.


We left Iyana-Ipaja at 11:25am and got to Badagry central within an hour. It took another 40 minutes to get to the Whispering Palms Resort. The road from Ijanikin all the way to the Resort (Lagos Expressway) is very bad and this increased the duration of the trip (so make sure you drive carefully). Also there are a few customs check point but we were never stopped. I noticed they only stopped commercial buses with many passengers and cars with foreign plate numbers.


What was the entry fee?

At Whispering Palms, the gate fee is N500 ($2.5) for adults and N300 ($1.5) for children and no outside food or drinks are allowed. We parked our car within the premises.

What activities do they have to offer?

The outdoor area close to the gate has a mini zoo, a putt-putt (mini golf) section, a 4-way football posts and an outdoor gym/obstacle course. All this would have been so much fun to do with family or a few fun friends.


What did you get up to?

We were hungry, so our biggest focus was to find the restaurant which was located behind the reception. They had Nigerian cuisine and it tasted delicious.

From the restaurant, we walked through the path which had art from all over Africa towards the waterside. We drank coconut water from the coconut and stood at the shore to enjoy the cool ocean breeze. We decided not to try out the water cycles because the tide was high. Instead, we opted for the safer metal swings.


Afterwards, we came across the “Who Wants to be President” game which turned out to be the highlight of our trip. The object of the game is to throw rubber rings at pipes affixed to each state in Nigeria. This game brought out the competitive nature in the 3 of us. It required a lot of patience and we all barely got 2 rings on a pipe. Afterwards, we walked towards the cycling area. There’s the bicycle for a solo rider, the couple’s cycle and the family ride (for 4 individuals). On our way out, we went to look at the python. We left at 5:20pm and were in Iyana Ipaja by 7:00pm.


What is your final verdict?

Overall, I’d give the ride to the resort a 2/10 because of the state of the roads and the resort a 7/10 especially for the minimal gate fee and the number of activities. The Resort is definitely a place I’d like to visit again in the future.


We hope you enjoyed her thoughts. Ever been to Whispering Palms? What was your experience?

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