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Whispering Palms Resort | Fun Facts


Whispering Palms located in Iworo, Badagry is often referred to as a conference resort center. It has recreational facilities, a mini museum, a zoo (that has seen better days) and  rooms ranging in different types.


Inside the Museum


While there have been complaints of power fluctuating (there was no light in the museum when we visited), it is generally seen as a great destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos as it’s just you and the beach line.

With quite a bit of activities such as paddle boats, a swimming pool, a pool bar and more, it usually makes for a fun experience. If nothing catches your fancy, just lay back, order some coconuts and relax as this resort is as serene as it gets.


While there is definitely room for improvement, it continues to strive to be a retreat destination for everyone.

At N500 ($1.58) per adult and N300 ($0.95) for kids , it’s also quite affordable however, you have to buy meals in the resort as you can’t take any in.

Having been there once (for an active tourism event), I quite enjoyed it and here are a couple of fun facts I learnt about it.

  1. It was established in the 70s.

  2. It was built by Professor Deji Femi-Pearse, who used to be Acting Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos; Provost, College of Medicine, UNILAG and Chief Medical Director, Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

  3. It was originally meant to be a retreat destination for Professor Pearse’s family only but they decided that everyone should enjoy the beautiful space.

  1. The roads within the resort are lined with palm kernel residue.

  1. While all the coconut trees on the resort look similar there are actually 3 different types – Dwarf, Tall and  Hybrids.

  2. It is said that when you sleep there, you can hear the trees whispering hence the name Whispering Palms.


Source – Bella Naija


  1. Whispering Palms sits on 12 acres of land with an annex. The annex sits on 8 acres of land.

  2. It was a popular honey moon destination back in the day.

  3. There’s a mango trunk on the grounds that is said to be over a 100 years old.


What was your experience at Whispering Palms? Was it a hit or miss? Let us know in the comment section.

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