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Drive in Movies | Alternative Movie Experiences

I’m an old school girl at heart. Born in the right generation but my heart is in the 50s/60s.

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So when the opportunity to go to a drive in movie came up, I was all shades of excited. I mean it was another opportunity to kick something off my ‘old school bucket list’. Besides, it was another way to experience seeing a movie.

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The drive-in was organised by 7 Eleven Drive In and the location was at the Grand Suite field in Magodo. The time was for 6pm so we decided to get there early so we could get a great spot to view the movie from our cars. From everything I had seen and imagined, this is very important so the car in front of you doesn’t block your view. 7 eleven had thought about it and devised a parking arrangement that would favour everyone.

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Finding the venue wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be and as we were the first to get there, we parked right in front and watched them set up.

2 movies were to be screened – John Wick and Nightmare on Elm Street. So as not to discourage people without cars from watching, they also had seats lined up and wireless headphones for those without cars to rent. If you were watching from your car, you would tune into an FM station that the organizers would pick. This made it a win win situation for everyone.

Soon more cars started to drive in and find their ideal spot for prime viewing and after a bit of rearrangement, all we had to do was wait for it to get dark so we could start the movie experience. Someone went round to collect the fees for the movies while we waited. It costs N2000 – ($6.5)as it’s 2 movies screened back to back. If you go as a couple, N3500 ($11.45). To rent headphones was an extra N1,000.



They also have mobile toilets on site


While walking around, I noticed dominos setting up and also a pop corn stand. This was great especially for those that didn’t bring their own snacks.

Before long, we noticed that the movie was about to start but no one had come to tell us what station to tune into. I decided not to read too much into it as I figured they probably thought they had already told us. We just looked for an attendant and got the station.

We tuned into the station and we couldn’t hear anything as there was interference. This went on for about 20 mins and to be honest and we were left wondering what in God’s name was going on.

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Safe to say I was already lost as I couldn’t follow the movie and this was quite annoying. After sorting the station issues out, the rest of the movie went hitch free. It was enjoyable but after the first screening, we were more than ready to leave. (this wasn’t due to boredom but because it was getting really late and we didn’t exactly leave close by)


There was the occasional visit from the organizers to hand us our complimentary can of amstel malta, and later on dominos handed out slices of pizza. Everyone likes freebies but I felt it should have been done at the beginning instead of distracting people mid movie.

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At the end of it all, it wasn’t a bad experience and we learnt something new about cars.

However, I think the 7 Eleven team should ensure that the stations for their drive in experience is up and running without any interference as that made for an unpleasant start.

So did 7 Eleven fulfill my drive in dreams?

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Ever been to a drive in movie? What were your thoughts? If you haven’t will you be trying it out?


*foreign conversion is based on the current rate of the Naira and is subject to change.

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*All gifs are courtesy of GIPHY

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