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Empty Parks | National Children’s Park & Zoo, Abuja

National  Children’s Park & Zoo, Abuja

‘I didn’t know we had a zoo in Abuja’ – said a friend who resides in the nation’s capital when she heard we were going there.

Heck we didn’t know too but since it was on our Abuja itinerary we knew there had to be something like that there.

Located in Asokoro behind the presidential villa lies a large expanse of land that has animals scattered around in various nooks and crannies, a play area for kids and a lake side cafe in an area designated as the National Children’s Park & Zoo.


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Ticket stop


One thing we noticed when we got there was how empty it was (I thought it might have been because of the day and time but our next stop on the itinerary proved me wrong). The explanation for it being empty is probably because only a handful of people know it exists and because apparently it’s been neglected for a while.


Not a soul in sight


We paid our fees and started our tour of the park. We saw some animals like crocodiles, a buffalo and a rabbit. Not enough to make it a full fledged zoo but definitely adequate enough to pique children’s interest.


Bugs Bunny’s cousin


Running away from my camera


After meandering through the mini zoo, you’ll probably be tired so the lake cafe should be your next point of call. This is where guests can enjoy drinks and snacks. This was also the first place where we saw people. A family had brought their kids and were taking a break.


One of the beauties of the location of the lake cafe is the view of Aso Rock. This makes the perfect backdrop for pictures. We spent quite a lot of time here and a photo shoot came out of it.


Would you look at that?


A children’s park would be incomplete without a playground and there’s one quite close to the cafe. We’re ashamed happy to say this was a highlight for us and we got to be big kids for the day.




One thing we appreciated about this park was that the grounds were lovely and it has so much potential to be more than it currently is. From picnics to parties, retreats, family day out and more can be done here. Infact children could learn about animals by visiting if proper guides are put in place.


Picnic area