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Nkoyo didn’t know what they were in for when we made a reservation at their restaurant for lunch.

While we were in Abuja, we realised we hadn’t seen some of our friends who stayed in the city and we thought ‘why not just invite everyone to lunch?’ We went from being a table of 10 to being almost 15 and it was definitely a noisy affair.

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Nkoyo was recommended to us as being a place to try as it did both Nigerian and continental dishes. Most importantly it was affordable and wouldn’t ‘chase’ anyone away with their prices.

Upon entry into Nkoyo, you notice that their decor is simple with a bit of  ‘African’ & ‘Asian’ themes thrown into it. From bamboo furniture to Asian wall papers, Nkoyo doesn’t stray too much from it’s ‘theming’.

We chose the one at Ceddi Plaza although I’m not sure it was for any particular reason. The restaurant is divided into two parts, the outer area and the inner area which has more seating. It’s also quite dark in the inner section.

We got in and tried sorting our tables out. Now it was a Sunday and it was lunch time so this was a busy period for them. Due to this, they kept trying to convince us to seat in the inner area as it would accomodate our party but we didn’t want it. In the end, they were able to find more seats and table for us.

Our menus were brought promptly and orders were made. Now I would like to mention that despite them being slow with their service, I appreciate that they seemed to get everyone’s orders right. We were alot and we kept going back and forth and changing what we wanted. I was pleasantly surprised that everyone’s food came out correctly.

Our orders covered almost every area of the menu. From starters right down to desert. From Indian to Continental, we attempted to try most of it except the Nigerian section (there’s Nigerian food at home).

Crispy King Prawns

These dynamite shrimps were the truth

Can’t remember what this was called but it was from the Indian menu and it was yummy!

Nigeria’s favourite cocktail – Chapman

I enjoyed my food and I think everyone else did too (if you were there and didn’t, comment please). It was also such a great atmosphere, we all talked, caught up, found out we knew each other’s friends and made new friends.

Bayo realizing Travel With A Pen is alla that

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Without a doubt we disturbed other diners but we never for once felt uncomfortable (or maybe we didn’t notice the evil glares) and the restaurant accommodated us to the best of their abilities.

Would I visit Nkoyo again? Definitely. I quite enjoyed myself there. However I’m not sure they would want our group back. We were a bit too much with our noise but I would like to think our money made up for it.

Address – Ceddi Plaza, 264 Tafawa Balewa Way, Phase 1

Have you ever been to Nkoyo? Did you enjoy your meal there?


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*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

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