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We have Waterfalls in Nigeria too!

When people talk about waterfalls in Africa, Zambia usually takes the trophy. They just smirk at us and try to oppress us with Victoria Falls. Maybe you’ll hear of Ghana or Madagascar, but everyone just ignores Nigeria. Sometimes they throw in the occasional Erin Ijesha waterfalls as a nod to us. As usual, I’m here to say we can compete.

NEWS FLASH, we have at least 10 waterfalls in this country, both big and small. If you’re an adventurous tourist, you should definitely try and visit about 2 or 3. Actually visit all of them.

The best part? These waterfalls are spread around the country. North, East, West & South, so wherever you find yourself, you can take a short road trip and marvel at nature.

So lets look at a couple of them shall we?

1. Farin Ruwa Waterfalls

Farin Ruwa is Hausa for White waters. This is meant to be one of the highest waterfalls in Nigeria, and guess what? It is apparently significant among the other falls in Africa especially if the total height covered by waterfalls is taken into consideration. Its drop is said to be even higher than that of Victoria Falls (take that Zambia!).

The source of this fall is  found on the Jos Plateau and the location of the fall itself is on the boundary of Jos and Nasarawa State.

So if you’re itching to see the great Victoria falls’ competition, look no further, pack a bag and head to Farin Ruwa.

Source - Summit Post

Source – Summit Post


2. Erin – Ijesha Waterfalls (Olumirin waterfall)

This fall is amazing simply because it has seven steps. Yes you read right, SEVEN.

The higher you go, the more amazing the fall/view, so be ready to walk and climb. I hear that if you get to the top, the view is nothing short of spectacular. Not alot of people get to the 7th floor, as most stop at the 3rd step. However, if you do, you apparently get to see a settlement of ancient inhabitants. How’s that for a little extra something.

This in my opinion is a gold mine, and I imagine how many resorts would have sprung out of it, if tourism was a thriving industry here.

It is located in Osun State.

Source - Lilac Creations

Source – Lilac Creations


3. Kwa Waterfalls

Kwa waterfalls is located around the Cross River State National park, and gets its source from Kwa river.

It’s most important characteristic is the 234 steps which leads from the plane down to the resting place of the water which forms a deep pool as a result of the water cascading down.

Apart from the waterfall, the mangrove forest which forms the landscape around it is also one to see.

There is also a nearby beach for relaxation or picnics.

Source - Come to Nigeria

Source – Come to Nigeria


4. Awhum Waterfalls

This is known to have healing powers. So if you’ve got some ailment, maybe you should give it a go. Infact, the faith in this water is so high that people believe wherever you sprinkle the water, satanic, evil forces will disappear. So you might as well take a bottle with you to get some water if something is amiss in your life. 🙂

Hmmm, I wonder how much I would make selling this stuff in bottles. I’m joking.

Healing power aside, it’s a massive outcrop of granite which has water cascading over the top. It doesn’t look like your regular waterfall and would probably look weird, but what’s life without strangeness.

To see this waterfall and its supernatural water, hop on the next flight to Enugu State.

Source - Come to Nigeria

Source – Come to Nigeria

5. Gurara Falls

This is a popular attraction for both Locals and foreigners and I’ll tell you why, it is one wide waterfall as it covers a width of 200m.

Two hours from Abuja, it can be found right between Suleja and Minna. Be ready for a bit of a trek though before you get there, but I promise you the sight is worth it.

Its fullest form comes during the rainy season, but to enjoy your trip, its best to go during the dry season.

It is definitely a beauty and you can even add Zuma Rock to the mix and make it a fun filled day. (If you look closely, you’ll see a face on the rock).

Source - Visit Abuja

Source – Visit Abuja


There you have it folks, waterfalls we can boast of in Nigeria. While this is not an extensive list, you can start with these ones.

For more adventure & nature posts, why not check out Lekki Conservation Centre?

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