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On this day, 54 years ago, my country gained it’s independence. Right in Tafawa Balewa Square the British handed power over to us. From all the books I read, there were so many parties that day. Just imagine the joy and happiness everyone felt in their hearts.

Now some might say we are  54 and have nothing to show for it and this is a little bit true. I say no one is helping us build our country except for us. The underground and other things you see in England in all its glory was built by slaves, in America same story, and I’m pretty sure it took them more than 54 years to get to where they are today (read up on their history). We will get there, even though we’re being a little slow about it.

I feel one major reason we have to celebrate is that we are still together. This country has been shaken with all sorts, and most recently the Boko Haram issue. There’s been tension everywhere, rumours of splitting up but here we are, all tribes still together under the same name.

We are also more united than we think. I was amazed when the ebola issue came up and Nigerians came together to ensure that the situation did not become an epidemic. This led me to think of what we could achieve if we put all our differences aside (politics, culture, religion etc) and worked together, the possibilities are endless.

I was told I am the leader of tomorrow, I only recently started believing that, and I have decided I’m going to do my own little quota to help my country. If I fail, I can say I tried.

So in honour of my GREAT country being 54 I will be putting up 2 posts today. 🙂

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HAPPY 54th INDEPENDENCE NIGERIA!! One day we will be great. And like the Americans would say, ‘God bless Nigeria and no where else’ LOL.

PS: How cool is the Google Nigeria doodle?

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