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Erin Ijesa Waterfalls

I was going to be corny and make the title an ode to the famous waterfalls song by TLC, but everyone probably names their waterfalls post after that song so I changed my mind.


When doing a day trip of Osun State and you’ve checked The Osun Grove & The Nike Arts & Crafts Gallery off your list, make sure you head to Erin Ijesha Waterfalls (also known as Olumirin waterfalls). I would advise however that you go to the falls first, we went there last and because of this, we couldn’t climb to the 7th level of the falls.

There’s something amazing about visiting a waterfall. You are reminded of how wonderful nature is. Somethings simply cannot be explained and perhaps that’s the beauty of it. Approaching the waterfalls, you can see the clouds forming and you wouldn’t be wrong if you felt like heaven was about to open up and let some rain down as you feel droplets of water even before seeing the main attraction. (*forgive the pictures taken from inside the car).


Payments were made, the car was parked and the hike up the waterfalls began. People, Erin Ijesha waterfalls in not for the faint-hearted. Some of us were out of breath as soon as we started, while others looked for sticks to help with walking. I am not ashamed to say that I was tired after all of 5 mins, but when we saw the little streams formed by the waterfalls, as Nigerians will say, our spirits were ‘gingered’.


Random pieces of art can be seen on the rocks and it boggles the mind how they got there. I suppose this is to add to the general scenery of the place. Art and nature is always a winning combination.

We finally made it to the first stage of the fall and it was glorious. The rush of water was the perfect soundtrack for the day. It was amazing. Tope then decided to go play in the falls and lost her slippers while at it.


It was time to head to the 2nd level this was when things got real. Unlike the 1st level where you have steps to climb, the journey to the 2nd level requires you finding where to put your hands and feet on the hill. In other words, you’re on your own. Thanks to the guys we just about managed the climb till some people coming back down advised us not to carry on. They were just coming from the 7th level and informed us it would take at least an hour to get to the very top. Since we got there late, it meant that darkness would fall during the climb and this would lead to a dangerous situation. Their exact words were ‘come back early another day’.



Gutted, we headed back down but suddenly realised someone was missing. His phone was dead so calling wasn’t an option. Luckily after a bit of freaking out he was found. After he regaled us with tales of seeing people in white when he wandered off to the other side, we all started heading back slightly disappointed we didn’t make it to the top, but excited that we at least saw a bit of it. We all decided that we would come back another day for the full experience.

Like I said earlier in this post, to visit Erin Ijesha waterfalls is to remember that nature truly is beautiful and that in places we are unaware of lies some of the most amazing sights we will ever come across.



  1. The Govt needs to do more in terms of making it attractive to tourists. The environment is in need of a face lift. One would mistake it for a parking lot or just another unkempt piece of land

  1. There were no guides when I went which in my opinion is a dangerous situation, so they should be provided.

  2. The place is littered with hawkers, stalls could be provided for them to show their goods. Some of those things are actually necessary if you come unprepared.

  3. A hotel in the area would be a welcome addition.

  4. Proper signs and directions are needed for those who aren’t familiar with the area.

This could be a top tourist attraction if harnessed properly. Did I mention that it was discovered by a hunter (surprise, surprise)? I’ll do a separate post on the history of Erin Ijesha falls.

Price – N500 and an extra 500 for your camera (if you’re using your phone, it doesnt count.) Take a change of clothes if you’re going to go playing in the falls. Take shoes that have a firm grip and you won’t mind getting wet. Get there early! Ask for directions from the locals if you’re not with people familiar with the area.

Definitely chase waterfalls, there are alot in Nigeria and this is just one of them.

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