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Restaurant Of The Week | Caffe Tranche

Today’s post come courtesy of Mr. Pratt. Read enjoy and get inspired to dine there with all that greenery and light.


I have three loves of my life, my adorable boxer pup, flowers/plants and yummy food. Caffe Tranche provides me with two of my three loves. Located in Victoria Island, this restaurant is the mastermind of Araba who has been delighting Lagosians with her famous cakes since the year 2000.


Large glass walls surround the building, bringing the ‘outdoor’, indoors with evergreen shrubbery planted around the building.  The outdoor seating is surrounded by golden palm trees creating a luscious green atmosphere which u can enjoy while sitting outside on a cool day or from inside as you look out the glass walls.



Upon entry, you are greeted with smiling faces and numerous pastries tempting you from their glass cases. Chicken pies and strawberry cheesecakes are a few of the delights you are bound to encounter.  There are two distinct spaces but they blend together nicely. The front has several two seater tables in dark wood which are offset by glass and white painted walls. The back area is littered with couches where you can put up your feet and get cozy.  The walls are covered with a stone colored brick tile wallpaper which gives the space a modern urban feel. There are several indoor plants all over with beautiful artworks on the walls which add to the serene environment. A few people bring their laptops to get their work done here but I think a place like Café Neo or Bread lounge is better equipped for such a task.


The Food

You will find a continental menu with a range of options. The breakfast menu is good and I’m a breakfast kinda guy.  I would highly recommend the full English breakfast for Sunday brunch. I’m also a sucker for their chicken pies and chapman, which is probably the best I have had in Lagos and believe me I have had a lot (they have an extensive cocktail menu but not all drinks are usually available). I had a gorgeous date on this trip and she had the honey and mustard glazed pork chop. They came with sauté potatoes and mixed vegetable (sidebar: Highly recommend Caffe Tranche for a causal first date or informal meeting). She found her pork chops tender and the sauce really tasty. The potatoes well done and seasoned to perfection. The mixed vegetables were just vegetables (her words not mine).


Out the door

If you are looking for a serene spot to have lunch during your lunch break, brunch after church service or some pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth. I think you will find Caffe Tranche more than accommodating.


Two more loves of my life – my mama and my lovely date (okunobirin) 😊

Damage: Honey and mustard glazed pork chops: N3600 ($11.07) Chicken pie: N600 ($1.9) Chapman: N1500 ($4.88) Full English Breakfast: N2800 ($9.12)

Contact Details

14C, Karimu Kotun Street / Olosa Street Victoria Island, Lagos.

Open: 7.30am – 7.30pm; Monday – Thursday 7.30am -10pm; Friday 8.30am – 6.30pm; Saturday – Sunday

Tel – 08166615430, 08091249282


*foreign conversion is based on the current rate of the Naira and is subject to change.

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

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