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Stained Kaftans at Amala Place| A Bukka Experience

That awkward moment when you go to a mama putt, stand in line, collect your food and then spill your soup on the gentleman standing next to you wearing white a kaftan.

This was my experience at Amala Place. As a local ajebutter, I’ve never eaten at a mama putt (except you count eaten at Mammy market during NYSC, I was queen of that). After exploring the Arts & Crafts Village, my uncle decided it was time I had my first real mama putt experience. Now some will argue that this can’t be classified as a proper mama putt but we’ll agree to disagree.


Amala place is housed under a bamboo like shed and the layout is pretty simple with various tables and chairs littered around. You queue up, pick what you would like, pay and find your way to an empty table.

Some people in bukkas don’t like their pictures being taken as shown by one angry man who made a fuss at the sight of my camera. Luckily others defended me and I was free to snap away.

We stood in the queue and when it go to our turn, we got:

  1. Pounded yam, efo and fuku

  2. Amala, abula and pomo

  3. Sprite and coke


After getting our food and heading to the other side to pay, I spilled my abula on a gentleman’s white kaftan. He’s probably used to getting soup spilled on him as he seemed amused by my apologies before saying it was alright.

The food was pretty tasty even though I got teased for using my fork instead of my hands (Nigerians use cutlery generally, however for traditional meals the use of hands is usually preferred). I had no complaints and definitely wouldn’t mind going back there and trying other bukkas. I’ll also add that you get good value for your money.

Amala place is also expanding as I hear she gets full really quick so if you go there, it just might have gotten a face lift.

Have you been to any bukkas? What was your experience?

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Additional Info

Damage done – N1,400 ($7)

  1. There is ample parking

  2. For payment, it is easier to pay with cash

  3. Be careful when taking pictures.

  4. Fuku – Beef lungs

  5. Pomo – Cow Skin

  6. Amala – Yam flour

  7. Efo – Vegetable


Address – Opp Next Cash & Carry by RCCG Grace City

Tel – 08062061489

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